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Safeguard your home and equipment from electrical surges, brownouts, and voltage disturbances.

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Surge Protection Services
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Anchor Mechanical offers top-notch surge protection and voltage monitoring services to protect your home and equipment from electrical surges, brownouts, and other voltage disturbances. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your electrical equipment’s security, function, and longevity using the RectorSeal RSH Series Surge protection and voltage monitoring devices.
Key Features:

  1. Performance: RSH Series devices use long-lasting gas discharge tube technology, offering the best protection for your HVAC equipment.
  2. Safety: Thermally fused components ensure your equipment remains safe during power fluctuations.
  3. Warranty: RectorSeal devices have an unsurpassed industry product warranty and an extended connected equipment warranty.

RectorSeal RSH Series Surge Protection Devices:

  1. RSH-50: Perfect for residential and commercial use, this device offers surge protection for all single-phase 120/240 VAC outside condensing units and indoor air handlers. It’s equipped with green LED indicators, weather rated under NEMA 4, and fits all single-phase units.
  2. RSH-60: With dual LEDs and an audible alarm, this device offers advanced protection for residential and commercial use. It’s weather-rated NEMA 4X and IP 66 and has a limited lifetime warranty.
  3. RSH-60 VMD: This device combines surge protection with voltage monitoring, ensuring your equipment is protected from electrical surges, brownouts, and short cycling. It’s recommended for all single-phase 120/240 VAC outside condensing units and indoor air handlers.
  4. VRM60A: The Voltage Range Monitor (VRM) protects equipment against over and under-voltage conditions that can cause damage to circuit boards and motors. It’s recommended for all single-phase 120/240V HVACR equipment.

Other residential Services:

    Why Choose Anchor Mechanical?

    Anchor Mechanical is committed to providing you with the best surge protection services. Our team is skilled in installing and maintaining RSH Series devices, ensuring that your equipment stays protected against power fluctuations and voltage disturbances. Don’t leave your valuable equipment at risk — contact Anchor Mechanical today to learn more about our surge protection services.

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