Emergency HVAC Services

Some examples of HVAC emergencies may include:

Inadequate or dirty air filter replacement: If you have an air filtration or purifying system that is not working efficiently, it may have been installed incorrectly. Sometimes lower quality filters have been installed or even the filters themselves have not been installed at all. This can be a quick fix offered by our technicians. We install air filters the right way to ensure that dust, pollen, and other irritants or allergens are pulled from indoor air.

Nonexistent airflow: If your air conditioning unit is not working, your unit may have a faulty compressor and condenser or a low refrigerant charge. Power may not be reaching the unit from the thermostat. You can check the battery in the thermostat, but if that is not the problem then you should contact Anchor Mechanical.

Loud noises: A loud screeching noise could be caused by high-pressure levels or a loose belt. Buzzing sounds can be caused by electrical problems. If you hear these noises when your HVAC system is running, call our office as soon as possible. We will be able to diagnose and treat this problem.

A burning smell: This smell can be caused by an electrical issue. Turn off your system immediately and contact our technicians. Weird smells or burning can occur with a variety of parts that make up an HVAC system and can be dangerous to homeowners or workers.

Heat not turning on: If your furnace is not turning on, there may be a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, or broken pilot light. Thermostat malfunctions may also be the culprit. Furnaces are especially important in colder months, so call our office as soon as possible if your furnace is not working.

Water heater not working: If the hot water is not coming from your faucets, the problem may be a faulty electric thermostat or electric heating element. In addition, if your water is not hot enough, you may have an undersized water heater for your home or business. Luckily, our technicians at Anchor Mechanical install hot water heaters for more comfortable work or home environments.

Emergency HVAC FAQs

Why is my HVAC making noise?

HVAC Systems usually make some noise while running, but it is very soft, similar to a hum. If sounds are loud it may signify lost parts or wiring.

What happens if you don’t change your HVAC filter?

If you don’t change your HVAC filter, it may cause damage to other parts of your HVAC. Ultimately, this may end up costing you more money than having your filters changed regularly would.

How often do HVAC filters need to be changed?

Generally, HVAC filters should be changed every 90 days, or three months for optimal efficiency. Although, be sure to check the instructions on your specific filter because different quality filters have different lifespans.

What causes low air flow in HVAC?

If your HVAC is having low air flow, it is likely caused by a clog or blockage in the filter. It may also be caused by a frozen evaporator or air duct blockages.

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