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Do you know what the 5 steps are to keep your home’s indoor air quality as healthy as possible?

1. Constant air movement.
2. Air filtration.
3. Air cleaning.
4. Humidity control.
5. Fresh air.

At Anchor Mechanical, we provide solutions for improving air quality to our communities in Central Maryland, including Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County. Clients with asthma or allergies can breathe easily with quality air filtration systems. These systems also known as IAQ, remove particulates from the air for cleaner and more breathable air.

We carry and install all major brands of purifiers and air filtration systems. Let Anchor Mechanical LLC be your first and only source for high-quality, trusted and professional HVAC services.

With today’s energy-efficient homes, indoor air contamination is a growing concern. Introducing the Solaris air purification system! It tackles indoor air pollution, especially odors, toxic gases, and bio-contaminants, using the power of UV light, photocatalytic oxidation, and ions. Experience the freshness of outdoor air, right inside your home!

Introducing the Ultravation® Orion™ ion generator

The Ultravation® Orion™ ion generator is a cutting-edge solution designed for odor reduction and the diminution of fine particulates in the air. Whether used independently or in synergy with other indoor air quality (IAQ) systems, the Orion™ ion generator stands out. It produces both negative and positive ions, charging even the most minuscule airborne particles. This unique mechanism prompts these particles to aggregate, making them sizable enough for efficient filtration. As a result, the Orion™ enhances the performance of any air filter. An added advantage is its capability to serve as an additional phase in the decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Types of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products

High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

This air cleaner can be made of foam, fiberglass, or cotton. Air passes through this filter which traps the particulates.  The filter should be changed every month or two. HEPA filters have a high MERV rating of about 1721, which means they can successfully remove pollutants.


Ionizers produce ions with a charge, which gives normal particles floating in the air a charge. The now charged particles then stick to surfaces instead of floating around the room. Clients with allergies benefit from ionizer filters that eliminate pollen, dust, smoke, and other allergens.

UV Light

Ultraviolet lights are germicidal, or germ killers. An air filter equipped with UV can help eliminate microbes! UV lights can be installed during air conditioning installation, or on your current system. They are placed over the coil, and near the air handler. At these points, the light can remove mold and purify the air throughout your house.

Activated Carbon

Carbon is a porous material that can trap gasses, odors, and large particulates. In addition, dust, lint, mold, smoke, pet hair, and household chemicals can be trapped by this type of filter. Clients who do not have filters that address and eliminate smell often benefit from an activated carbon filter.


This type of filter charges particles that are in the air. After the particles are charged, they are collected within the machine. The plates in this filter can be removed for cleaning before they are reused. Electrostatic filters high-voltage magnetic charge to trap particulates, microbes, and mold spores. They are also 97 percent effective at removing particles and are 30 times more effective than ordinary filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain indoor air quality?

Keeping a clean house is the best way to keep your air clean. If you have pets their hair and the outdoors may be in the air you breathe. Changing filters regularly and opening windows to let in outdoors are also great ways to purify your air.

What are the 4 major indoor air pollutants?

The 4 most common air pollutants are carbon monoxide, radon, nitrogen dioxide, and secondhand smoke. All of these chemicals are dangerous and harmful to inhale.

What are the symptoms of poor air quality?

Many people who have poor air quality report having frequent headaches and fatigue. They also report sinus issues, and problems with their eyes, nose, and throat. Many of these people find themselves coughing and sneezing often.

What is acceptable indoor air quality?

The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists reports that indoor air quality should be at max 25ppm. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends that it should not exceed 35ppm.

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