Common Winter Plumbing Issues in Maryland and How to Solve Them

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Winter in Maryland can be harsh, and the cold weather brings unique challenges to homeowners, particularly when it comes to plumbing. Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst, leading to significant damage and costly repairs. Anchor Mechanical is here with expert advice on identifying and solving common winter plumbing issues, ensuring your home stays dry and damage-free all season long.

1. Frozen Pipes

Signs: Reduced water flow or no water flow at all. Solution: Keep your house temperature at 68 degrees or above, even at night. Open cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around pipes, especially those on exterior walls. For frozen pipes, gently apply heat using a hair dryer or heating pad.

2. Water Heater Failure

Signs: Lukewarm water or taking longer to get hot water. Solution: Inspect your water heater for any signs of leaks or rust. Drain and remove sediment from the tank at least once a year. Consider wrapping your water heater in an insulation blanket to maintain efficiency.

3. Clogged Drains

Signs: Water backs up instead of draining down. Solution: Avoid pouring fats, oils, and grease down the sink. Use a drain strainer to catch hair and soap particles in the shower. For clogs, try a plunger or a plumber’s snake, or call a professional for severe blockages.

4. Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Signs: Dripping sounds or water on the floor around the toilet. Solution: Replace worn washers and gaskets in faucets. Check the toilet’s flapper for wear and replace if necessary. Regularly inspect the base of the toilet for leaks and tighten connections if you find moisture.

5. Sump Pump Failure

Signs: Water in the basement or the sump pump making unusual noises. Solution: Test your sump pump regularly by pouring water into the sump pit and making sure it activates. Clean the grate on the sump pump of any debris, and consider a battery backup for power outages.


Being proactive about winter plumbing maintenance can save Maryland homeowners from the inconvenience and expense of water damage. By following these tips and knowing when to call in the professionals, you can protect your home from common winter plumbing issues. Anchor Mechanical is always here to help with any plumbing challenges you may face this winter.

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For professional assistance with any of these tasks, contact Anchor Mechanical. Our expert team is ready to ensure your home remains a warm and safe haven all winter.

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